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Here you can find daily updates on what ThoroEdge is doing in the field. Specific case studies, our take on current events in the thoroughbred world, and exciting new products/findings are all in here. Please feel free to add your comments as well!-
Make cheap speed last, build stamina- 
ThoroEdge strives to improve equine performance and soundness through the practical application of scientific principles during the training process.

Emphasis is placed on delivering the appropriate amount of work needed for improvement in each individual horse at any given time. No more, no less.

Over the course of our work we have identified many 'edges' that will give you an advantage over the competition if used properly.

Visualize good and bad workouts 
 Good breeze: Wins Races- 
 Bad breeze: Injury to follow? 
Winning horses spend over 5 minutes each gallop session in the threshold and aerobic zones, while losing horses typically spend less than 30 seconds.


Heart rate stuff has been around forever, but two recent advancements have now made this technology a valuable asset to any horseman: GPS functionality, and computer software analysis.

Now you can see objective, quantitative data that illustrates the effectiveness of your training regimens, as well as highlights potential soundness issues. In effect, you have a fitness monitoring system that allows you to learn more about your horses during 3 weeks of training than you typically might learn over 3 months of racing.

Everyone knows that horses are unique individuals, you can design customized training protocols to fit each horse at any moment in time. Truly allow each to reach his/her potential in the safest and quickest manner possible.

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    Phone: 502.541.5087

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    HR/GPS use at private training center:
    "It is not just visual monitoring, there is also the scientific approach. Heart monitors are fitted to every horse and a GPS armband is on every rider. Data is logged, ready for examination."
    JW Race Stables, Louisville, KY
    "My rider feels things I can't see, I see things he can't feel, and we both miss much of what is going on inside the horse."
    Top trainer who wishes to remain anonymous
    "Knowing that I am giving each horse what he/she needs to improve, with a minimal risk of injury, sure helps my piece of mind, as well as my win percentage."