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Here you can find daily updates on what ThoroEdge is doing in the field. Specific case studies, our take on current events in the thoroughbred world, and exciting new products/findings are all in here. Please feel free to add your comments as well!-
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9003 Falcon Crest Ct., #104
Louisville, KY 40219

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Upcoming events:

February 20-21, 2009
American Endurance Ride Conference
Galt House
Louisville, KY

February 23, 2009
Darley Flying Start
Jonabell Farm
Lexington, KY

July, 2009
Trainer Magazine
article entitled: Optimal Conditioning

September 1, 2009
6pm Gluck Center, Univ. of Kentucky Campus
KEMI Presentation
Lexington, KY

late September, 2009
Keeneland Sale
Lexington, KY
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    ThoroEdge Racing Performance
    345 Heritage Hill Pkwy.
    Shepherdsville, KY 40165
    Phone: 502.541.5087

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    HR/GPS use at private training center:
    "It is not just visual monitoring, there is also the scientific approach. Heart monitors are fitted to every horse and a GPS armband is on every rider. Data is logged, ready for examination."
    JW Race Stables, Louisville, KY
    "My rider feels things I can't see, I see things he can't feel, and we both miss much of what is going on inside the horse."
    Top trainer who wishes to remain anonymous
    "Knowing that I am giving each horse what he/she needs to improve, with a minimal risk of injury, sure helps my piece of mind, as well as my win percentage."