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Is your horse FIT? 
V200 is the speed at which your horse gallops when his heart rate is at 200bpm, or about 85% of maximum.
This can be thought of as stamina or aerobic capacity.

Knowing the V200 of each horse in your barn allows you to pinpoint his level of competition, as well as determine what we call Ideal Gallop Paces.

Below on the left is some data correlating V200 to the condition book.
On the right is actual V200 data from a local stable, and the corresponding paces required for ideal stamina development.
V200 and class

Under 20mph - not yet ready to compete

20-22mph - bottom level claimer

22-24mph - $10k claimer

24-25mph - $25k claimer

26-27mph - allowance

28-30mph - stakes level

Over 30mph - graded stakes performer
Ideal Gallop Paces explained
Once we have tested for and identified V200, we can then calculate which paces, or speeds, place the individual horse in certain heart rate zones.

The THRESHOLD zone (80-90% of max HR)

This is the pace at which the horse is able to use lactic acid for energy, which delays the onset of fatigue during a race. Targeting gallops towards this zone will improve cruising speed in a race.

The AEROBIC zone (70-80% of max HR)

This intensity best develops lung function and improves the horse's ability to use oxygen to fuel movement. Exercise at this pace actually allows for the creation of new blood capillaries which aid in performance.

The RECOVERY zone (60-70% of max HR)

Here is the optimal pace to train in which any lactic acid is flushed away, and the recovery processes are enhanced. Best used after a breeze for 60-90 seconds before exiting the track.

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    HR/GPS use at private training center:
    "It is not just visual monitoring, there is also the scientific approach. Heart monitors are fitted to every horse and a GPS armband is on every rider. Data is logged, ready for examination."
    JW Race Stables, Louisville, KY
    "My rider feels things I can't see, I see things he can't feel, and we both miss much of what is going on inside the horse."
    Top trainer who wishes to remain anonymous
    "Knowing that I am giving each horse what he/she needs to improve, with a minimal risk of injury, sure helps my piece of mind, as well as my win percentage."